Our health is defined by how well we adapt to stressors that are all around us.  Whether it is stress from a relationship, viral infection, or a physical trauma, they all impact our "health reserve" and force the body to adapt with whatever situation arises.

When we have too many stressors overloading the body, our bodies breakdown resulting in decreased ability to adapt.  

Short of changing the world and the environment we live in entirely, we are left with managing how we interact with that environment as it directly interacts with our physical and non-physical selves.  Below are the areas of stress that also serve as categories of our various treatment strategies.



How we manage time, people, and responsibilities are key in making positive choices that decrease stress load on our bodies both mentally and physically.



In general, americans have terrible dietary habits creating incredible amounts of physical stress and breakdown leaving them even more vulnerable to the impacts of other types of stress.


Personal Care

What we consume isn't the only product our body absorbs, personal care is a key area where we must identify and eliminate possible toxicity sources that may be creating physical stress on your body.



Nutritional supplementation helps making sure only the best nutrients enter the body to encourage faster recovery or progression of your health.  Depending on your needs, protocols may make use of macronutrients, micronutrients, herbs, homeopathics, etc.



Our individualized exercise regimens focus on four categories: oxygen utilization, heart health, balance, and strength.  We work towards and certify your body in each category based on your body's ability to sufficiently perform each categories.



What condition are your home or work environments in.  What is the exposure to various infectious microbes or environmental toxins.  Identifying and eliminating these influences can be significant in creating or maintaining great health.



The chiropractic adjustment has been utilized to decrease physical stress on the body while up regulating your body's natural ability to handle previous, present and future stressors it has, is or will face.


Muscle Length/Activation

Muscle length and activation and its relationship with fascia and neurological activity.  Reteaching the body proper muscle function physically and neurologically helps decrease stress that the body is creating by not functional efficiently.