What Is A Good Cleanse


Let's think of the body like it's a kitchen sink.

  1. Make sure the water you let into the sink is clean.  Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, etc.
  2. The active ingredients in the cleanse are like soap, they help the body breakdown muck and waste so it can easily be washed out the drain.  Micronutrients, Live Whole Foods, Herbs, Key Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Enzymes.
  3. "Caloric Intake" is the amount of water you allow into the sink.  Decrease the amount of water to help decrease the water level in the sink.
  4. Your "Daily Need For Calories" is how much water is drained from the sink.  Increase the amount of water drained to amount of water added to the sink to lower the water level and help drain waste and toxins.

Clean up your water by choosing the cleanest foods and cleansing products and use them in the best combination to promote the desired cleaning effect that will allow your body to burn the calories you want to burn from the fat stored in your body and breaking down waste so your body can drain it, making your body "Lean and Clean!!"