To achieve the freedom of great health you need to be supported with the best information available. You can't be effective with limited doctor reports, if you get one to take home with you at all, and verbal advice that is easily forgotten once you leave your appointment.

Without the important details of your health, what I like to refer to as your HEALTH PICTURE, you are left waisting your time asking questions about what to do and battling uncertainty.

  • What Do I EAT?
  • What Do I Do For EXERCISE?
  • What NUTRITION Should I Take?

When the most successful scientifically proven way to get healthy and maintain a high level of health is to maintain and optimize a healthy lifestyle, it is a horrible start when you don't have actionable information that is easy to implement and easier to maintain for diet, exercise and nutrition.

So welcome to your opportunity to:



Receive a more comprehensive screening than performed in most medical settings to create your full health picture.

Individualized And Fully Customized Plan

Have this data matched to fully individualized and easy to follow diet, exercise and nutrition suggestions.



Save money compared to other options, even though you are getting more health data and better customized suggestions.



Convenience, never sit in a waiting room again or waste time driving to or from an office.  Appointments are HIPPA compliant video conference calls where you meet face to face with Dr. Brennan.


Enhance Your Progams

Use the reports to help your trainer or nutritionist fully customize their programs to fit you even better.  They love and understand the importance of this information and what it means in enabling their programs to become even better!


So Why Integral Reporting?


We provide you with the same information Dr. Brennan uses to formulate your fully individualized treatment protocol, but in a simple and easy to understand format so you can:

  • identify your weaknesses
  • understand the strategy that you and Dr. Brennan have agreed on
  • a plan for how the strategy is effectively and easily carried out
  • track your progress as you implement the changes

Over time you will not only learn principals important to your wellbeing and progress, but also adopt them as successful lifestyle and habit, empowering you to manage your own health more than ever before.

Take a look at some example reports and a journal page below:


  • Symptoms can be a great method of measurement for which body systems are challenged.  
  • Tracking symptoms that may seem unimportant or irrelevant to your primary concerns can be signs of underlying or coexisting challenges your body is facing.  
  • This is also a great way to help you define your overall state of wellbeing.

Body Measurements

  • Don't just rely on weight and waist circumference.  
  • Did you know the size of your neck can tell you a lot about diabetes and heart disease risk?  
  • Waist to hip ratio is also a key measurement for health risk.  
  • Chest expansion is important for us to measure lung function.  
  • You loose inches usually elsewhere than hips and waist first, so its important to track these changes.

Lab Results

  • Take your color coded lab results home with you in a manor that shows your own progress without need of medical background.
  • Combine this with your symptom questionnaire to let you know you are both feeling and scientifically measuring healthier.

More than just how you feel.


With a deeper understanding of the body through multiple techniques, we have the blessed ability to marry the information of all of these methods into one complimentary picture of your overall health.

 Take a look at the many factors that slowly grow into problems we all face, whether its annoying allergies or life threatening disease.

Take a look at the many factors that slowly grow into problems we all face, whether its annoying allergies or life threatening disease.



Notice the bottom two rows are what is naturally in our environment and what we choose to do with that environment. These choices, when considered with our genetics, underlie every aspect of our health and wellbeing.  Tracking these and looking for gaps in how we live are critical in encouraging and maintaining great health.

Body Function

Measuring how well our fundamental physiological processes are performing are important in making sure they are not showing signs of Fundamental Clinical Imbalance.  The measurement of factors from both of the boxes underlie all disease and are, in many cases, present long before a symptom is ever felt, or a disease developed.

 Notice that not being ill doesn't equal being optimally healthy, and that symptoms are not the only way to measure how prepared the body is to handle environmental stressors.

Notice that not being ill doesn't equal being optimally healthy, and that symptoms are not the only way to measure how prepared the body is to handle environmental stressors.


Where Do You Stand

Once you have all the information you need, you can easily see the strengths and weaknesses of your overall health.  You can measure individual aspects of your health or your overall picture of health on the health paradigm above.  This gives you a visual representation of how your health compares to your personal standards as well as standards defined by health professionals.

What To Do

Now that you can compare you actual health, your desired level of health and Integral Health Centers definition of optimal health, you can redefine yourself and decide just how healthy and how far you would like to go.  Once you decide, it leads us to the next step, working with Integral Health Center on a scientific and holistic collection of strategies to best help you achieve the health you seek.



Our health is defined by how well we adapt to stressors that are all around us.  Whether it is stress from a relationship, viral infection, or a physical trauma, they all impact our "health reserve" and force the body to adapt with whatever situation arises.

When we have too many stressors overloading the body, our bodies breakdown resulting in decreased ability to adapt.  

Short of entirely changing the world and the environment we live in, we are left with managing how we interact with that environment as it directly interacts with our physical and non-physical selves.  Below are the areas of stress that also serve as categories of your report with a focus on science backed suggestions on how to manipulate the environment and optimize it to your body's needs.



How we manage time, people, and responsibilities are key in making positive choices that decrease stress load on our bodies both mentally and physically.



In general, Americans have terrible dietary habits creating incredible amounts of physical stress and breakdown leaving them even more vulnerable to the impacts of other types of stress.


Personal Care

What we consume isn't the only product our body absorbs, personal care is a key area where we must identify and eliminate possible toxicity sources that may be creating physical stress on your body.


Supplement USe

Nutritional supplementation helps making sure only the best nutrients enter the body to encourage faster recovery or progression of your health.  Depending on your needs, protocols may make use of macronutrients, micronutrients, herbs, homeopathics, etc.



Our individualized exercise regimens focus on four categories: oxygen utilization, heart health, balance, and strength.  We work towards and certify your body in each category based on your body's ability to sufficiently perform each categories.



What condition are your home or work environments in?  What is the exposure to various infectious microbes or environmental toxins?  Identifying and eliminating these influences can be significant in creating or maintaining great health.