Educate Yourself About Mammography

In women 35 or younger, mammography could cause 75 cases of breast cancer for every 15 it identifies.

Mammograms can indicate cancer when cancer is not present resulting in thousands of women wrongly undergoing mastectomies, chemotherapy and radiation treatments every year.

Detects cancer by its size, greatly limiting the ability to detect cancer at its earlier stages.


Self Breast Exams

Perform systematic self breast exams each month.

90 percent of breast cancer is identified by women themselves.

This can decrease mortality of breast cancer by an estimated 40%.


Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging

Completely safe, non-invasive, pain free, side-effect and radiation free.

Uses heat to detect inflammatory processes associated throughout cancer's development cycle.

Has the capacity to detect cancer up to 10 years prior to that of a mammogram.


Lab Tests


Saliva testing allows you to track the amount of estrogen directly in the body tissue, where as blood tests only measure the amount to hormone in blood.

Be sure to measure all forms of estrogen in the body, some of which are localized to specific tissue such as breast tissue.

Check with your functional medicine doctor to see if your body is safely handling inflammation and oxidation (abnormal processes that underlie all disease) as well as appropriately detoxing to help decrease the risk of pro-breast cancer environments.



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Most breast cancer originates from abnormal types of estrogen that have the ability to damage DNA in breast tissue, which in time can result in creation of cancer cells.


  • Activate and balance your detoxification pathways to safely dispose of estrogen molecules.
  • Decrease prevalence of inflammation in the body.
  • Decrease the amount of reactive oxygen present in your body.


Keep your health optimized

You are Interconnected

Even thought the previously listed processes directly address the creation of cancer cells, the body must be healthy as a whole, and to minimize inflammation and oxygenation we must optimize all of our fundamental physiological process and prevent any imbalance resulting in weakened defenses and environments that promote infection, creation of cancer, development of diabetes or heart disease and much more.